Meettell Workshop

The Meettell Workshop is designed to provide best support for smaller conferences or workshops with several non-parallel sessions. The Meettell Workshop offers all the functionalities included in the Meettell Meeting system and is extended with additional features that enhance the management of workshop sessions and the whole event.

The Meettell Workshop system provides through the Event Data Server additional information about the workshop documentation, like proceedings, current speaker’s CV, presenters’ slides, etc., thus providing seamless way to significantly increase the quality of participants’ engagement into discussion and discussion management.

The Meettel Workshop system features the Meettell Moderator application by which the discussion moderator can perform management of the discussion using his/her mobile phone or PC tablet. The Meettell Moderator application features all the essential functionalities of the Meettell Server application needed for management of the discussion.

Thus there is no need for the Meettel Server to be located close to the discussion moderator. By this, any participant of the discussion may become a discussion moderator if he/she is given a moderator PIN number needed to sign into the meeting as a discussion moderator. The advanced analytics allows for efficient event quality assessment of the single session and workshop as a whole, and for comparison of event’s quality development over time.


  • View session list and short info

  • Enter a session

  • Request to speak or reply

  • I speak function

    For moderator to intervene during discussion

  • Moderator's messages

  • Analytics

    Reports about the performed discussion

  • All features of Meettell Meeting

  • Moderator app

    Moderator’s functionality on mobile phone or tablet

  • Import features

    Import workshop’s programme

  • Automatic session set-up

  • Voting

    Create poll sessions

  • All features of Meettell Workshop

  • Parallel sessions

    Support for multiple simultaneous parallel sessions

  • Single server

    One session server, multiple moderator mobile clients

  • Automatic session set-up

    Automatic set-up of parallel sessions

  • Enhanced voting

  • Enhanced Analytics

For more information about different features of the Meettel systems see the Comparison table.