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meettell Session Server

Meettell allows for efficient management of discussions at any meeting you may have. It brings new quality to meetings regarding the management of discussion and enables efficient control of all the discussion elements using participants smart phones.

Meettell Session Server versions:

  • Meeting - currently available as Beta
  • Workshop - under development
  • Conference - under development

Any version will function as a trial until a valid licence is purchased and activated. After the license expiriation the server will switch back to trial.

The Meettell Meeting is tailored to best support the ad-hoc meetings, panel or round table discussions, classroom teaching or similar events. The setup of the system is fast and easy.

The Beta version of Meettell Meeting supports one session and up to 100 users. You can download the Beta version for free.

How to get meettell session server ?

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  • Step 1 Download and install the meetteel session server.

  • Step 2 Install the mobile client
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  • Step 3 Fill in the form and receive the product key

The Meettell system consists of a Meettell session server and mobile phone clients. The Meettell session server offers several functionalities for efficiently managing a meeting, for controlling discussion, for enabling participants to register for the meeting, and to participate in the discussions using the audio system of the meeting through their mobile phones.

The main features of the Beta version of the Meettell Meeting System:

  • Supports one session and up to 100 users.

  • Discussion and reply functions

    The participant can use its mobile phone to discuss or make a reply to the current topic under discussion using the meeting’s audio system.

  • I speak function

    The meeting moderator may intervene during the discussion using the session’s audio system to efficiently manage the discussion course.

  • Moderator’s messages

    The moderator can send messages to meeting participants thus inform them about different aspects of the meeting progress.

  • Information about the meeting

    Provides important information about meeting venue, start and end time of the meeting, name of the meeting moderator, meeting programme or topics of discussion.

  • Analytics – report about the performed discussion

    Provides various information about the meeting discussion, like number of participants, time of their discussions, number of discussions and replies, cumulative time spent for discussion and for replies etc.

  • Voice recording

    The whole discussion may be recorded if the moderator selects the option in the meeting setup menu. All participates are being informed about the recording of their discussion through the Meettell messaging system.