How it works

The Meettell system consists of a Meettell session server and mobile phone clients. The Meettell session server offers several functionalities for efficiently managing a meeting, for controlling discussion, for enabling participants to register for the meeting, and to participate in the discussions using the audio system of the meeting through their mobile phones.

Meettell allows for efficient management of discussions at any meeting you may have. It brings new quality to meetings regarding the management of discussion and enables efficient control of all the discussion elements using participants smart phones.

Through an intuitive interface, participants are able to

  • list the current available meeting sessions,
  • register for a selected session,
  • send a request for access to a session’s audio system in order to participate in the discussion or
  • make a request for a reply if they want to reply to the current topic under discussion
  • check the list of requests for discussions and replies,
  • receive messages from the meeting’s moderator,
  • list all messages sent by the moderator,
  • participate in voting (Workshop and Conference versions),
  • browse the meeting/workshop/conference documentation

Connecting Meettell session server to your audio system

You should connect the Meettell session server to the audio system of the event’s room to enable participants to use the event’s audio system through their mobile phones. If you are using a PC , laptop or tablet computer as a Meettell session server, you have to connect the computer audio output with the audio system of the event room.



Read more on how to connect to the audio system of the event room.