Meettell Moderator application in 7 steps

Meettell Moderator Feature of the Meettell Mobile Application allows you to use full functionality of the Meettell Session Server on your mobile phone to efficiently manage a meeting, control discussion, enable participants to register for the meeting and participate in the discussion, check the course of the discussion by using log data, and engage in the discussion by using the I speak function. By entering the Moderator Session Code any participant of the meeting can become a meeting moderator.

You can master all the functionalities of the Meettell Moderator Feature in just seven steps.

Step 1:

In the session list screen select the option Moderator from the setup menu


Tap your session in the session list screen and enter the Moderator Session Code

Step 2:

Manage the session in the session management screen

Step 3:

See the list of registered users

Step 4:

Manage the requests for discussion and assign audio to the first request on the list by tapping the Next button

Step 5:

Engage in the discussion by tapping the I speak command

Step 6:

Create a new message by tapping the + button


Type the message and send it to the registered participants

Step 7:

Check the course of the discussion by using log data